The Canava

The story of the winery behind Pure started in the 18th century, established as a canava, the traditional term used in Santorini for describing a winery. As most canavas, this was mainly an underground cellar, mainly made out of volcanic stones. In 2013, the canava was totally renovated in order to host the VSV winery.

The Mind
The story of the mind behind Pure started in the 19th century. Matthaios Argyros, the creative power that created VSV, is the scion of a family that has been behind Estate Argyros for more than a century.
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The Vines
The story of the vines behind Pure started at least back in the early 19th, possibly in the late 18th century, since it is impossibly to retrieve the precise year of planting
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The Terroir
The terroir of Santorini, especially as expressed through the fruit of ancient vines, is one of the most complex terroirs one can actually taste.
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One Pure Winery
The winery of Volcanic Slopes Vineyards is simple, efficient, yet expresses in full clarity the individuality of the only wine it produces.
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The Volcanic Slopes Vineyards team starts winemaking in the vineyard, with intense grape sorting in the field at the time of harvest, to eliminate substandard berries. Hand sorting continues at the winery.
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PURE 2018

Yellow in color with green hues. It has a vivid and fruity character with aromas of citrus and lime.It has a nice balance in the palate, full bodied with sense of minerality and long aftertaste.
Pure Wines

PURE 2017

Light yellow in color, a clearly volcanic wine with gentle aromas of pine and eucalyptus in the background. Full bodied, representative of Santorini’s terroir with the sense of minerality and wet black stones, followed by long aftertaste.
Pure Wines

PURE 2016

Light color with green hues. Aromas of fresh lime, green apple, notes of pear and apricot, and a hint of thyme and rosemary. Full bodied wine, with sharp acidity and the distinctive minerality of Santorini’s Assyrtiko wines, followed by long aftertaste.
Pure Wines

“PURE SANTORINI” through the years

From the smallest estate winery on the island, a rare wine of great personality and character, produced only in great years
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